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Twist my rubber arm

Norman Spector today points out that Hu Jintao and Stephen Harper met amicably in Toronto today, though had no press conference, no questions from reporters, no official presentation of themselves to the public to make anything resembling a joint statement of friendship etc. etc.

Rationale being that the Chinese delegation were not going to countenance any press gallery that included the Epoch Times. Harper’s PMO, looking to make up for some serious lost ground in kowtowing to the Middle Kingdom, thus agreed that no presser would be forthcoming.

Believable enough, but PMO spokesman Dmitri Soudas appeared suspiciously eager to note his regret that there was no press conference.

“On our side, we would have been more than happy to answer a few questions from reporters,” he said.

Sorry, but pull the other one. Since when has the PMO ever been anything but loathesome when it comes to answering questions from reporters?

I’m certain that, if there’s anything Harper and Hu can agree on, it’s a mutual disdain for facing a free press. Not that the new Sun News will much resemble Xinhua in ideology, of course…


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