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Happy birthday, Canuckistan

But wouldn’t we be even happier if we had Trudeau? Today’s Angus Reid poll suggests as much.

The survey asks “Which of these politicians do you think has been Canada’s best prime minister (since 1968)?”

Very interesting to me that, not only is Trudeau tops in this survey, but he especially dominates the 55+ age bracket and the 35-54 age bracket. So, people who actually lived during Trudeau’s time are even more enthusiastic about his tenure than the young folks who reflect on it historically. Indeed, 45% of those 55-years-old or older rate him the best of all Prime Ministers they’ve lived through since ’68 (and, in total, we’ve had eight of them).

It could either mean that the older Canadians get, the more they like multiculturalist social democracy (umm) – or it could mean that he did a better job at the time than young conservatives and skeptics give him credit for.

Maybe kids today don’t learn enough about the Charter?


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2 Responses

  1. polygonic says:

    One comment I thought I’d make on the photo as well, taken at the 1968 Liberal leadership convention in Ottawa. Eagle eyes will spot a sticker for leadership candidate Paul Martin Sr….. stuck below the banister Trudeau’s sliding down.

    The poor Martin family, always outshone….!

  2. Sir Francis says:

    Eagle eyes will spot a sticker for leadership candidate Paul Martin Sr…

    …and the Allan MacEachen banner hanging from the ceiling above.

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