That weren't no DJ, that was hazy cosmic jive


Much to my delight and surprise, I’ve actually been writing in this blog. And people, to some degree, have actually been clicking onto it. The internet is indeed a magical place.

Polygonic‘s been going for exactly a month and a day now, and it’s just received its 500th hit. Yay! Thanks to everyone who’s tuning in, and my apologies if you might be coming on here looking for a post about Stephen Harper, only to find one about Nick Clegg, and vice versa. That’s my fault for being such a transatlantic maple-hating traitor who cavorts with snobby, brandy-sipping Europeans back in the Olde Worlde. (Sorry).

Remember, please feel free to leave comments on anything here, go ahead and subscribe to the blog, and generally make yourselves known. Banter’s always welcome.

I’ll now commemorate this occasion with a photo of my dinner, which I promised when I first started this thing. Tuna grilled rare with spinach and rocket. Taste sensation!

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