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That elusive majority

Following on from Jane Taber and John Wright in their suggestions yesterday (see the post below) that a bigger, more occidentally-oriented (hee) House of Commons could be the Secret Formula to unlocking future majority governments in Canada.

Eric at ThreeHundredEight has spent the time and crunched the numbers to dismantle the argument. Given where the new seats would be established (Alberta may be Big Sky Country, but B.C. and Suburban Toronto are Big Swing Country), a 338-seat House of Commons would not likely provide the bias to any big federalist party necessary for majority government. The new ridings, we can only speculate till they’ve been drawn up, would more than likely see a split across parties in a vein roughly similar to what we already see across English Canada.

So, federalist parties shouldn’t expect they’ll be able to thumb their noses at Québec and the Bloc, and still end up with majority government (not even getting into the dumbness of such a strategy for the obvious reasons – treating Québec, both its federalist and sovereigntist areas, as a vast graveyard of useless efforts – this is somehow good for unity?).

It’s very much worth reading the whole thing here:

New seats + ignore Quebec = majority?

So, is electoral reform on the agenda yet?


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