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Here comes the Grrr machine

I’m like so looking forward to the newly Bairdified House of Commons. I’ve always said that what Canada needs is a red-eyed, coffee-blooded, bile-frothing hippo to set the tone of parliamentary debate.

Maybe that’s unfair. But the Baird approach to public discourse does have an air of the vengeful, the angry, the destructive and the prejudiced.

He’s lately labelled champions of the gun registry “Toronto elites.” That just may alienate the last gaggle of Conservatives in the city, but it also frames 1) any proponent of gun safety as a Starbuckian hipster who’s never seen a farm, as well as 2) “elites” as a vilified class, but strangely, also as the majority class. It’s the Republican Classic – portend to defend the poor on hot-button values issues, while screwing them utterly in every arena of economic policy.

Galloping Beaver’s already posted much more effectively than I could on this, so I’m stealing a quote and giving you the link.

This term [Toronto elites] bugs me this morning. I don’t know why the opposition parties don’t retake that term from the Cons and throw against them. The way Baird et al deploy that rhetoric against the educated suggests they’d desire everyone in the country to leave school at grade 6 lest they risk becoming an ‘elite’ of some fashion. Someone ought to ask the Cons if they’re planning to encourage kids not to finish school and strive for mediocrity and ignorance. I wonder if they’re planning anti-scholarships in order to support of the most ignorant and phobic of the early leavers as the try to feed themselves on minimum wage or less?


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Scientalific evidamence

Panicked into embarrassment over Arctic inaction, I suppose? Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon today announces he has something he calls “scientific evidence” that supports Canada’s claim over the Lomonosov Ridge.

Scientific evidence! Wow. That sounds quite fancy. Real scientists, getting real evidence. Wearing lab coats, adjusting spectacles, nodding at maps… acting all sciency.

I wonder if Cannon could give us a teaser as to what new evidence he’s excited about? Or is he possibly just trying to appear to be doing something, anything constructive in the Arctic the day after Russia and Norway resolve a border dispute?

I remember John McCain during the Presidential debates:

“I’ll get Osama bin Laden, my friends. I’ll get him. I know how to get him. I’ll get him no matter what, and I know how to do it.”

Like Lawrence Cannon, if he had a real clue, you think he’d have shared it.

With the Russia-Norway deal demonstrating what progress looks like, Ottawa needed to ratchet up the tone and appear to be “progressing” on its own Arctic file. As so often, getting this tone right trumps getting the actual scientific evidence. Just ask Munir Sheikh.

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