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Son of Sponsorship?

Conservatives love to talk about “adscam.” A decade old, the scandal may be, but it’s fresh in the minds of anger-addled Cons who just can’t think of much else to say when the heat’s on them.

So to learn that Harper spent $130 million on advertising in 2009-2010, a 64% increase on the year before – how might the grassroots react?

Of the $130 million, more than a third was spent on Economic Action Plan signs and billboards (unsurprisingly), some of which were erected literally in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, economic stimulus is reported to have been denied to communities or groups which refused to erect these signs.

For now, it’s just one more example of CPC partisan vanity, of mismatching the priorities of government writ large, and of the Conservative Party itself. Another big example in the long list of superfluous, profligate, and frivolous spending items by a government with its roots, purportedly, in fiscal conservatism.

But for this proto-scandal to really erupt into something full-blown, I await news about who builds the Action Plan signs and hoardings. Hum. Perchance there are a Conservative Party donor or two involved? “Son of Sponsorship”?

Ignatieff and Layton – don’t let this stuff slip! Harper is gifting you with the hammers with which to beat him.


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4 Responses

  1. Graeme MEYER says:

    We remember a government was brought down because of federal sponsorship of a Quebec Exhibition the absurdity of it these old political hacks need to go they have no relevance to reality of Canada today

  2. My parents are active with a local x-country ski club where they live in Northern Ontario, and the club had applied for and received money under this scheme to the club house expansion they had planned. I’ve seen all of the photos of the signs they had to take to satisfy the criteria. The bigger issue for them was that the federal gov’t was incredibly slow at actually paying out the cash. The club was running into issues this spring because they’d still not actually received any of the promised money, even though all the forms and receipts and all that had been submitted months prior, and the bank and contractors were getting antsy. I keep forgetting to ask if and when they finally did get the cash, but they weren’t too happy with how things went on that front.

  3. polygonic says:

    This is bullet-in-foot stuff for the Conservatives. They’ve spent tons of tax dollars advertising that they’re spending tons of tax dollars (maybe $49 million on these signs was itself stimulus?)

    It serves to draw lots of scrutiny as to how its been spent, and it raises expectations that are falling flat. And beyond the sheer volume of money, if anything is remotely amiss in where it’s gone and how it’s being spent (if at all), they are piling the pain upon themselves.

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