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On sore losers

Here’s the missive (according to Jane Taber, as I sadly don’t receive Conservative memos) from Stephen Harper after his defeat today. How many lies can you count?

Today in the House of Commons the Coalition voted to keep the long-gun registry. Twenty Coalition MPs originally supported the simple and straightforward bill to scrap the long-gun registry, but under pressure from their Ottawa bosses they turned their backs on their constituents and voted to keep the registry.

I count three, which is not bad for a single paragraph.

1) there is no “Coalition.” There is only the majority of the House, and they are not coaligned in any formal way. They may end up that way, and I personally wish it. But to call the opposition parties a coalition whenever they unite around a single issue such as this is, of course, nothing but trying to invoke yesterday’s demons to stain today’s majority.

2) “Ottawa bosses.” The Conservatives love to pretend they are, somehow, the Opposition (we’ll send you there, if you want) and that “Ottawa” is a devilish spectre that we should despite and resist. Earth to Harper: You Are Ottawa.

3) the Opposition “turned their backs on their constituents.” How’s that? The NDP empowered constituents to vote their conscience and to weigh all factors before coming to the House today. The Liberals whipped the vote no differently than the Conservatives did. Unless Harper is right in the myth that every suburban and urban constituency the CPC holds is, in the main, behind him in his anti-gun-control zeal, then it’s just another blast of hot hypocrite air from the nether-regions of our already foul-smelling PMO.

Congratulations to registry supporters for their bravery and for their long-term vision – the vote was tight, so without you, we’d have an unnecessary and harmful victory for an absolute monster of a Prime Minister. It’s good to back the police, good to back community groups against domestic violence, and good to back the majority.


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5 Responses

  1. thwap says:

    Great deconstruction of her witless lies.

    yeah, “Ottawa bosses” … as if harper isn’t the ultimate control-freak Ottawa boss!

    What contemptible scum they are.

    OOOh! A “coalition”? Like the one harper tried to make himself with those same “separatists and socialists”? Hah!

    • Deconstruction of “her” lies? Her being who? Jane Taber? Taber was only quoting a Tory memo, she’s not the one who wrote that paragraph, the Conservatives did. So i’m not certain who the “her” in your comment is.

  2. polygonic says:

    “Ottawa bosses” also seems to me a new take on “Toronto elites.” The latter, it turned out, turned off voters in Canada’s most populous city. Who’d have thought?

  3. ck says:

    About point #1 that you refuted, you forgot to mention that those clowns said Or at the very least implied that all 20 of ’em voted with their party lines. The Harpercons failed to thank the 6 who did vote with them. Oh, and as for the 12 NDPs who originally voted with Candy Hoeppner, Check the breakdown of election results from 2008 and the past: anybody scared of a harpercon majority because of them, should stop & really read this before going half cocked.


    • polygonic says:

      Thanks for that CK – I agree it’s a wee bit delusional to think that any future election (especially if it’s as far away as next year) will be won or lost on this registry vote. CPC might win Alberta seats by bigger margins next time, but that’s not going to give them more seats! And I’d suspect that any gains Harper could make in Manitoba or the B.C. interior etc. will be offset by what he loses in Quebec and suburban TO.

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