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On Khadr and kangaroo courts

The BBC notes the Khadr trial with the observation that:

The US is the first country since World War II to prosecute a person at a war crimes tribunal for actions allegedly committed as a juvenile.

What could I possibly add? Through Guantanamo, the U.S. has (along with Canadian acquiescence) a new record – one which the DR Congo, the Saudis, and the Afghan government itself couldn’t achieve. First a moon landing, and now the prosecution of a child soldier. Glad Canada could participate in at least one of the two!

Show me a 15-year old boy with perfect authority over his actions, and I’ll not only eat my hat, I’ll eat the Geneva Convention too. If it’s still around.


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  1. If Khadr had pleaded not-guilty and there were to be a trial, and if he were to have been found not guilty, he would have been spending more time in prison than if he had pleaded guilty. Khadr will spend about one more year at Gitmo, and then apply to transfer to a Canadian prison. Once he is in Canada, he can apply for parole as his pre-trial and post-trial custody will be more than one-third complete.

    With a conviction, Khadr won’t be able to travel to the US. Without a conviction, he still would not be able to travel to the US. Khadr has nothing to lose by pleading guilty.

    The court procedure reminds me of what the old US colonists did to women whom they thought were witches. The women were bounded and dunked in water. If they drowned, they were not witches. If they did not drown, they were considered witches in which they were then burned at the stake. A guilty Khadr will get a smaller sentence than a not-guilty Khadr.

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