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Spector trumpets more wind

Professional cut-and-paster Norman Spector yesterday opined that the Conservatives currently “have wind in their sails.” As usual, Spector is big on contentious headlines, and consistently thin on content. The only evidence he mounts to support the case for a (foul-smelling) breeze Toryward is a rambling attack on Frank Graves and EKOS – the firm that actually comes out this week with a Conservative jump to 33%.

Graves gets accused of Liberal bias, whereas I just see a pollster with erratic methodology. EKOS often predicts mythical Green seats, for example, just because a tenth of Canadians support them. Doesn’t he know that our electoral system is too messed up to allow for that? So, how a tirade against EKOS erraticism equates to Harper wind, I don’t quite know.

It appears Harper’s got a lead back, six points clear of Ignatieff’s Liberals who sit at 27%. I suppose that is a kind of wind. But on balance, the Conservatives continue to suffer a significant deficit of support as compared with their last time at the ballot box, and I can’t see how you have a parade for that.

Is losing seats in any hypothetical new federal election now seen as a good thing? A reduced minority should be trumpeted as a success? Yes indeed – black is white, Thursday is Friday, Spector is objective.

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October 2010

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