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Justin’s wrong and right, all at once

A dumb thing for Justin to say, even if he has a point.

We don’t tend to call any crime “barbaric” in any official capacity. Why would we need to? Horrific crimes are horrific implicitly. To overdo the adjectives is redundant at best – and at worst, it reveals a suspicion on the part of government that immigrants are somehow likely to engage in the practice, and they need a firm talking down to dissuade them.

The Cons use of the word barbaric here does remind me of the Herouxville byelaw a couple of years ago. – a policy which essentially said: “By the way, immigrants, we don’t stone our women to death here, just in case you were planning on doing some of that.”

If you feel you need to be explicit about it, it betrays your fear they’re likely to do it.

So, Trudeau makes a good point. A good, philosophical point. But, as usual, being the master foot-in-mouth artist that he is, he’s now dragged the Liberal Party into an inopportune debate dominated by Conservatives turning red (as they’re wont to do) and shouting a lot of quick sound bites: “The Liberals like murder!”

Didn’t someone tell Justin that you can’t have a normal conversation in Canada these days?

Correction: made the first sentence grammatical 🙂

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March 2011

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