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How to drop a ball

Oh dear… when I suggested this, I really wasn’t hoping for this. BC’s NDP have everything to gain right now, and are at real risk of blowing it in stupendous fashion if they don’t keep their eyes on the bigger prize.


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It’s sword-fall o’clock

Gordon Campbell’s about to make an important announcement of some kind, and one can safely bet he’s not about to confess a longstanding addiction to cigarettes, or Scrabble. No, he’ll be playing seppuku alright, but there shall be no triple word score for Mr. Campbell.

Nothing ultimately surprising for a premier with 9% approval ratings. I am, however, quietly (well, not anymore) devastated in a way that Campbell shall be forced out so long before a provincial election. Carole James will be crying the loudest tonight – BC Liberal fortunes can only rise from here. If the BC NDP can keep a strong “same old Liberals” message for the next couple of years, it might not hurt their prospects too badly. But it’s not going to help too much either.

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