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The day Sauron cried Uncle

We’ve seen the Conservatives dump reams of documents, only after having been subjected to the furnace-heat of Parliamentary democracy, before. The Afghan detainee files, for example, which ended up looking like this:

An eleventh hour release of budget items totaling two-thirds of a billion dollars, only minutes from being sat before the Commons committee deliberating on charges of contempt, does not an accountable government make. In doing so, they’ve managed to solve none of the arguments that they lack any modicum of transparency or respect for the House, while also fuelling more evidence that they are content to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into ideological trinkets and baubles.

If they’d complied in the first place and released the figures, Harper would only be accused of this “oh-so-lefty” spendthriftism. Now, he’s got that sticky accusation, plus the ever-deepening stain of secrecy before democracy.

And this is the team that’s pushing for a majority?

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A tale of two tortures

In the UK, there will be an inquiry into allegations that British-transferred Afghan detainees may have been tortured with the knowledge of at least some British officials.

Canadian officials face very similar allegations, yet what investigative act of transparency have we got? There’s no such thing forthcoming. Despite this, we’re still stuck with this.

It appears of late that it takes British political innovation to make Canadians think seriously about the same. That in mind, let’s hope this is a turning point for the Harper government’s parliament-defying, pseudo-legal obfuscation of the full Afghan detainee file.

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